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Docs wallet provide students an online secure repository of verified documents , where students can pre-verify documents, store the pre-verified documents and share the online verified document for job applications, higher studies, HRD/ secretariat attestation’s, visa applications, and other electronic document accepting bodies.

Education Institutions

Directverify powered by Docswallet, has more than 5 years presence in online document verification frontier spanning across the globe inspired and supported by IIT Madras. Officially partnered with reputed Educational Institutions across India and abroad, whose services are utilized by International Embassies, Universities and government organizations around the world.

Background Screening

Background screening is quickly becoming standard practice in many workplaces and businesses across the world. Organizations are continually on the lookout for new ways to mitigate their risk, and conducting background checks is an effective and easy way to do so.

Directverify is revolutionizing the way background check is happening, with our wide network of online verifies, you can get your verification completed from a click of button.